Парикмахерская 3D

The latest hair dresing technology is 3d without glasses. Style and prepare a hairdo from all sides, simply slide the chair into any direction to view your work from a different perspective.
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<iframe width="720" height="540" src="/static/dc/fO334wNDvxNmbGLQThMpDxK68ELlBGPgOqHLWsOHpPI9clus1hEppArQ7L59iYMN" title="Флеш игра Парикмахерская 3D"></iframe><br><a href="//flashdrom.ru/games/3d-haircut-1053454" target="_blank"><img alt="Флеш игра Парикмахерская 3D" class="playable" src="//cdn.flashdrom.ru/uc/3u/Q1/vA_Oj/QFI_izJ/lT6ODB_Fgi0QO_350x265.jpg" /><br>Флеш игра "Парикмахерская 3D" на flashdrom.ru</a>

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