Защити Свои Орешки

Protect your stock pile of acorns and nuts. You have been saving up for the winter and now these crazy zombies and monster are trying to steal them. Upgrade your weapon to make sure no one can steal your nuts!
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<iframe width="720" height="540" src="/static/dc/Eycy1h6PcIaEJpqsGLKoabo2W6UO6fBKwDj3vw4xKMln8FJaLkC4DPZeJzOmch0U" title="Флеш игра Защити Свои Орешки"></iframe><br><a href="//flashdrom.d1/games/defend-your-nuts-7515349" target="_blank"><img alt="Флеш игра Защити Свои Орешки" class="playable" src="//cdn.flashdrom.d1/uc/7O/Q4/FF_jn/AZD_HI4/2o3ii0_kqReiW_350x265.jpg" /><br>Флеш игра "Защити Свои Орешки" на flashdrom.ru</a>

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