Раскрась BMX

Paint the BMX bike with your favorite colors. On top you'll see a menu with all the pieces and their names, plus the colors you can choose. When you're done, take a picture of the screen, and you'll keep your design!
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<iframe width="720" height="540" src="/static/dc/j2FLvqhfMV0slp71k7GD4W8ylMv7QxAAUeGp7302VjtBEIaQ2WdLb0gVDt0n36YQ" title="Флеш игра Раскрась BMX"></iframe><br><a href="//flashdrom.d1/games/custom-bmx-painter-6933799" target="_blank"><img alt="Флеш игра Раскрась BMX" class="playable" src="//cdn.flashdrom.d1/uc/8M/i3/Nk_72/2O5_1Pu/8FBmSY_UsPHtv_350x265.jpg" /><br>Флеш игра "Раскрась BMX" на flashdrom.ru</a>

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