Захвати Мир 2.5

The strategic warfare game Battle Gear 2.5 is all about world domination. Select favorable allied forces and upgrade your army to start wars at sea, on land an in the air to gain world domination. After each battle you can buy new troops and upgrade your skills.
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<iframe width="720" height="540" src="/static/dc/sB0FbvDX9C9y2RDjmJtxlujdWNg7b2s9hT5yk59fxzZj8zB20c2RvTtjmRruKX0l" title="Флеш игра Захвати Мир 2.5"></iframe><br><a href="//flashdrom.d1/games/battle-gear-2-5-6233008" target="_blank"><img alt="Флеш игра Захвати Мир 2.5" class="playable" src="//cdn.flashdrom.d1/uc/57/S7/nJ_ap/Qzh_ks5/KaX8qz_SgGj8v_350x265.jpg" /><br>Флеш игра "Захвати Мир 2.5" на flashdrom.ru</a>

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